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Guanyu into

Guangdong Guanyu Metal Products Company Limited(hereafter “Guanyu Metal”) locates in Shunde, professionally manufactures, develops,sells various types of storage products, shelving, industrial racks, Cube,Garden Sheds,warehouse racking, for the utilisations in different sorts of area, e.g. workshop, garage, house, garden etc.

For over ten years, hard working and creativity, and competition strategies of low costs,advanced technology and advantage innovation of Guanyu Metal, and focusing on global storage solutions market,has made Guanyu now more than 300 empolyees, with over 25,000 square meters factory areas. 95% of the products were exported to 20 countries and districts all over the world.

In 2011, the company was accredited “Guangdong Private Technology Corporate”, and the 5 shelf storage rack were rewarded “Guangdong Famous Brand Products”.

Over ten years’experience in the market, Guanyu Metal has now cooperated with international logistics tycoons lines Bunnings, Canadian Tire, Carrefour, and so on,Now, Guangdong Guanyu Metal Products Co.,Ltd is a unceasing process, developing company, which stands before eyes of the world! Future, Guanyu Metal aim is to continue to grow strategically and profitably. Innovation and quality are hallmarks of our products and services and assure lasting customer relationships.


    2011 2010 2009 2008 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
  • 2011Workbenches & Cabinets
  • 2010Different sizes of shelving
  • 2009storage racks
  • 2008Only a single product
  • 20176開拓奮進,十多年來,廣東冠宇以成本、技術、創新領先的競爭策略,始終專注于全球貨架市場
  • 20167勵精圖治,開拓奮進,十多年來,廣東冠宇以成本、技術、創新領先的競爭策略,始終專注于全球貨架市場
  • 2015Garden sheds Augmented products
  • 2014 Wall storages.
  • 2013Garden sheds
  • 2012Other different hardware kits


Enterprise Culture

To create first-rate brand and establish outstanding enterprise
To manufacture the safest and most practical electric products in China
innovative , devoted and personnel-oriented
Team-work spirit
To develop the high value of enterprise is need to serious,efficience,and harmonious staffs.
Creative spirit
To fasten the continued developing of enterprise is by steady innovation which is the most important competitive force.
Dedication spirit
The culture of enterprise can't develop without all staffs.
Professional spirit
"Faith can move mountains" All the staffs make better products with true heart.
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