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Common Problem

Q:Storage cage suitable for use in what industry?
A:Storage cage with stored items with fixed capacity, piling up clean, stored at a glance, accounting for inventory advantages, also storage cage also improves the effective utilization of warehouse space, at present, storage cage has and other storage shelves products like, industry wide application range, below Guanyu shelves and everyone share xiacang storage cage for specific industries.
Q:4S store suitable for use in which storage shelves
A:Due to the rise of the 4S car model, 4S stores are also more and more. Because there are more car parts in the 4S store, it's a great need to store the spare parts for the better. But there are many kinds of shelves, not to say that any of the shelves can be used in the 4S store. Choose not appropriate, not only can not be very good to store a variety of accessories, but also make the shop looks very messy, to bring customers a bad impression. Therefore, you have to choose the right type of store shelves.
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