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Service & Support

Guanyu's nationwide network of sales experts, service professionals and inspectors provide you with all the service and support you need. From expert design through to preventative and corrective maintenance, Guanyu offers a range of services to ensure your systems operate seamlessly resulting in maximum efficiency and profitability.

  • Consultation
    When it comes to storage and materials handling systems, Guanyu people know best. Let one of our expert consultants provide you with advice on how your business can achieve a smarter storage system that is designed and implemented to maximise the eff
  • Book: service, repair, maintenance
    Do you require your warehouse best usefully? The warehouse need more space? If you answered yes to any of these questions our dedicated Service team can help.
  • Book: quote
    Need help and advice in configuring your storage? It's all part of the Guanyu service - our consultants are ready to provide storage advice as well as quote you only need to provide your area layout.
  • Help Desk
    Help Desk is a fast response/fast resolution phone/ online service for customers who have a problem or issue with their storage / warehouse.
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